Mattress selection is extremely crucial for the well being and safety of your child. There are various factors which needed to be looked at before making the final selection:

1. How firm is the mattress?

Crib mattresses are designed to be firm enough to stay flat, even if your baby rolls onto his or her stomach. Make sure the mattress is high density and does not take the shape of your child’s body.

2. Risk of Mold/ Fungi

Any mattress especially a child’s has is an easy environment for mold or fungi to grow in, particularly because of the moisture. This can be dangerous for your child. To prevent this, ensure that the mattress comes with a waterproof surface. You should also invest in an additional waterproof cover to avoid staining the original cover of the mattress.

3. Avoid second-hand

You should absolutely avoid using a second hand mattress as its could not only be dangerous because of mold or other bacteria but also because the foam of the mattress might be sagging and might not provide the firm support that your child needs.

4. The Right Size

The mattress should be a snug fit for your cot. There shouldn’t be any large gaps. Any gaps might be trap your child and should be duly avoided.

5. Double Sided Mattress

A double sided mattress is ideal for you. This provides a firmer support for the first six months when your child is more susceptible to suffocation and can be flipped on to the other side to provide a more comfortable sleep once they are older.