Choosing the right crib for your child is very crucial to the growth and development of your child. There are various safety factors which are very important to consider before you make a decision:

baby material

Base Material:

The base material of any crib can be of different forms:

  • Natural Wood: Any form of natural wood is safe for a crib as a base, as long as its finished well and the manufacturer ensures that there are no splinters or fibres coming out of the wood. The popular varieties of wood used are Teak, Pine, Oak among others.


  • Engineered Wood: Engineered wood is another popular choice of material for making cribs. These are usually finished in paints or laminates. What needs to be ensured with Engineered wood is that the boards comply with international regulations for emissions for children. The two boards suitable for children must comply with E0 (Zero Volatile Emissions) or E1(Low Volatile Emissions) for children’s furniture.


  • Birch Ply: Birch ply is an imported ply (usually from Europe) and adheres to international standards which are suitable for your children. They are usually a great alternative to natural wood and MDF and are sustainable as well.



The popular finishes for crib furniture are of three kinds- Polish, Paint and Laminates:

  • Polish and Paint Finishes: The polish used in finishing wooden furniture or Birch furniture is extremely crucial as it can be extremely toxic. You need to ensure and ask your vendor for certificates for the polishes and paints being used on your baby furniture. The polish must adhere to the International Toy Standard i.e. EN71. This ensures that all finishes are safe to touch and even if children put it in their mouths its not harmful to them.


  • Laminates: Laminates are a very popular option to finish MDF but care should be maintained to ensure that laminates are anti-bacterial so avoid growth of mold and bacteria on its surfaces.