A bassinet is a bed for babies from birth to four to six months old. A bassinet is essential in those initial months as it helps you keeps the baby close to you and your bed and is more suited for their size. As in the choosing the right crib, choosing the right bassinet is equally important if not more so. Here are the different ways in which you can choose the right one for your loved one:

Bassinet for your baby

  • The sides of the cribs should be open to ensure maximum ventilation air flow.


  • The bassinet should have a soft and a firm mattress so ensure that even if babies turns over during sleep, there is no soft obstruction to their breathing. Ideally up to 1” thick and firm.


  • A cozier smaller space for your child.


  • Easy to move between rooms.


  • Ensure that for all Bassinets with a rocking motion, the rocking motion is only used under strict supervision. At other times, it should be locked in static position.


  • Clean Materials: For more information read our previous entry about ‘Choosing the Right Materials for your loved one’