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The Birch Package provides you with a solution for all your babies storage and sleeping needs for the first 4 years. With a Chest of Drawers designed to accommodate all your babies needs and flexible sleeping modules which are replaced with the growth of your child.

What would it cost to buy everything on the package: Rs. 56000/-



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  • Rent : ₹1500/month

Tenure : 0 months

Type : package

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Baby Package detail

Product Description

0-6 Month

birch drawers

The Birch Package offers you the Birch Bassinet and the Birch Chest of Drawers for the first six months. These two products in themselves are sufficient for all your babies sleep and storage needs.

6-24 Month

For Months 6-24, the Birch package replaces your Bassinet with a multilevel Birch Crib along with the Chest of Drawers. The Cribs mattress base height can be adjusted to suit your babies age and your needs.

24-36 Month

For the third year, the Birch Package replaces your crib with a toddler bed and the Chest of Drawers remains as part of the package.


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